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Aftercare - an essential element of Bondage

by Mistress Katrina - 12:27 on 29 July 2018

The Professional Dominatrix community is often divided about the importance of Aftercare, which happens after a BDSM session is finished. Personally I believe this to be an essential element in every BDSM session, especially those that take place here at Devon BDSM and Bondage. This is the time when both Dom and "sub" sit down and chat about the session just completed. making sure both are ok with what happened and that the "sub" is ready to get back into his/her normal world outside.

Aftercare is key to a happy and healthy BDSM relationship. After all, both have just shared a highly charged period of time in which psychological, sexual and sensual limits have been pushed to the maximum, and for the "sub" to just shower and then be told to leave is not on as this can leave the "sub" feeling unloved, unwanted and used. Yes, in a session a "sub" will be made to do exactly what their Dom instructs them to do without hesitation. But it must be remembered that he or she is only there because of the desire to please the Dom and the Dom must respect that. The more a submissive sessions with the Dom a relationship will develop and the Dom will gradually experience feelings of love for the "sub", albeit not in the same way lovers feel love towards each other.

I always allow plenty of time for aftercare at the end of a session with my clients. After all, regardless of how submissive my "sub" is in my session, when he or she leaves my chamber to go back into the outside world, we are both at the same level as individual people then and mutual respect should be expected and freely given.

If you visit a Dominatrix and after the session you find yourself being ushered out of the door as the Dom prepares for her next client, with no aftercare, then as a "sub" I believe you should seriously question the morals of that Dominatrix.

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