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Finding a Dominatrix

by Mistress Katrina - 21:56 on 02 August 2018

Recent research shows that BDSM is more popular now than ever before in the UK. The success of novels such as the Fifty Shades of Grey series has contributed to many ordinary everyday couples experimenting in the bedroom (and other places) and finding that they enjoy the extra spice that light bondage produces......at least for a while. Sadly, this newly found pleasure can wane quite quickly as the novelty wears off or one partner finds it becomes more of a chore and only continues so as not to upset their partner, but what is happening is that whereas one partner may lose interest, the other often desires to continue with this particular means of obtaining pleasure, usually without either the consent or knowledge of their partner.

Which brings us to the question of what does this partner do to continue with the enjoyment that their initial foray into Bondage has given them? The answer is to find someone who can provide them with increasing levels of BDSM play, but in a discreet and safe environment. Enter the Professional Dominatrix. It is essential, however, that you think very carefully about what you want to explore if you enter into the world of BDSM and read as many Dominatrix websites in your area as possible. No two Dommes are the same and each has their own style. BDSM is really a personal and psychological experience for a submissive which may or may not be sexual and may or may not be painful. A knowledgable Dominatrix will easily put together an extremely rewarding session which both she and her submissive will enjoy. Domination is a myriad of activities ranging from light to heavy in content and there are no set rules to govern what each Pro Dom can do in their particular session.

I regard myself as a sensual Dominatrix rather than one with an approach based on administering pain as a priority. I certainly don't believe in shouting and screaming at a submissive to get him to do my bidding. In my experience, my softer and loving approach along with the power I have over my "sub" is all I need to demand obedience and respect. Clearly a Dominatrix MUST know her client's limits and preferences in order to design and give a safe, enjoyable and custom session for each individual client. One size certainly doesn't fit all in the world of BDSM, and no two sessions should ever be the same. A safe word is an absolute must for when a client has reached his or her limit, and of course, the word STOP is never, ever used as a safe word because a client may say this but in most cases not mean it!

Personally I enjoy giving Tie and Tease, where a client is restrained using numerous pieces of equipment, and is then subjected to a variety of activities designed to produce extreme levels of arousal which can take a client to their very limits of pleasure. Tie and Tease can also involve the use of a multitude of sex toys and impliments such as chastity, cock, ball and nipple accessories, all designed to increase the level of teasing further. Foot worship is another part of BDSM I enjoy, as is spanking, role play and strap on play. For those seeking more I offer full Domination using chains, cages, whips, hoods, gags, wall restraints, benches etc.

If you are looking for a Dominatrix, I would advise researching what any potential Dom specialises in and writing down what you are interested in and then seeing if you can find one that you believe you may feel comfortable with. It is no benefit visiting a Dominatrix whose forte is whipping the skin from a client's back and giving severe punishment over and over, if you are seeking a much softer entry level into BDSM and have an interest in something like Tie and Tease. Remember also that not every Pro Dom offers soft and hard BDSM, and you will need to be patient as many Dominatrixes have the reputation of being unhelpful and give short shift to those who they believe may be timewasters (often with good reason). Many Doms have gained poor reputations as a result of this and in many cases without justification. To balance this argument, most vanilla people out there will regard someone visiting a Dominatrix and enjoying BDSM as abnormal. But again, that is most certainly not the case. In fact the vast majority of people who enjoy BDSM from a professional Dominatrix are well balanced and have no difficulty separating this from their normal everyday life.

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