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Yes, Say Hello!!

by Mistress Katrina - 10:18 on 06 August 2018

Having enjoyed a great third session with a "sub" who first came to see me two months ago reminded me I needed to post this. He had seen me in the local town a few days after our second session and  wasn't sure how I would react if he came across and greeted me, so asked me after our last session if it would be okay. Now I know that many Dominatrixes loathe the idea of one of their clients seeing them outside the dungeon and engaging them in any form of conversation. Some would immediately cut all ties with the guilty "sub" and refuse to see them again. Others would look to either punish the client on their next visit to session with them or charge them money for having the audacity to approach them in the street without permission.

Now you all know I am different in many ways to the majority of Professional Dominatrixes out there and this is a good example of why. Some in the scene live BDSM as a lifetime choice, full time.  I choose to live my life in BDSM in moderation and as my career. So like all the rest of the ladies out there, I go shopping, I eat, I drink, I love dancing, I go out to dinner, I go to the beach, I enjoy my life. So if you see me do come over and say hello. Of course discretion is essential if either of us are with others as your friends may raise an eyebrow or two if you introduce me as your Dominatrix! But seriously, as I continually make the same point, we are all normal people out in the real world, all at the same level in society so sure, let's have a coffee or something. Yes, Say Hello!!

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