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Taking the plunge

by Mistress Katrina - 22:07 on 15 August 2018

For those who have yet to experience a session with a Professional Mistress the thought of taking those first hesitant steps can appear to be quite a daunting and scary prospect, but there really is no need for that to be so. It is essential to choose the right Mistress for what you are looking for and always remember that your chosen Mistress is, at the end of the day, a human being just like yourself and will treat you like one as well. A good Mistress will find out what you are seeking from a session and will aim to deliver that, albeit in her own individual style.

Most of my first time clients visit me because they feel there is something missing from their lives, perhaps a hidden fetish they have always wanted to experience, or even the feeling that they have a fetish or two they cannot put into words to describe to anyone. I can help unlock that hidden desire. Most people have a fetish that usually encompasses one or several of the following:

1. Dressing in feminine clothes ie stockings, high heels etc

2. Being restrained by handcuffs, leather cuffs, ropes or chains

3. Experiencing pain, either light or intense such as whips, paddles, crops, spanking, genital/nipple torture

4. Anal play, ranging from light stimulation to strap on play

5. Sensory deprivation, usually by either blindfold or mask/hood

Now these are simply the fetishes that most of my new clients are interested in, and research shows this is the same across the BDSM scene. On an initial session I like to incorporate as many of these so we can find out exactly where the client's interest lays. It is not unusual to find a client visits me with a preconceived idea of what his particular fetish may be only to discover that we find something which he didn't even realise he was interested in but which becomes his main fetish.

A session with me will bring out your particular fetishes, help you discover new ones and enable you to enjoy these in a safe and discreet environment of a Professional Mistress. 

Now, about those first hesitant steps.............


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