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Sunny days and steamy nights

by Mistress Katrina - 09:24 on 13 September 2018

Yes the time had finally arrived and I jetted off to enjoy myself in the sun of Southern Spain, hot steamy days and sultry steamy nights partying, as every good Mistress should do once in a while. Naturism is far removed from BDSM and Bondage but I adore being naked and feeling the sun on my body so Vera Playa is the place I get away to whenever I can. The nights are pretty special too, with one or two great places to party. Oh, and Spanish men are yummy as well! But of course, clients still want to book in sessions so I am never totally away from work and the phone at times was ringing off the hook. I reckon probably seven or eight clients I couldn't get in through being away but a girl has to have her relaxation as well - try telling that to frustrated clients though!

One of these days I may take one of my special clients who is the most deserving with me to Spain as a special treat, whether for him or for me I am not sure, but we will just have to see. In the meantime, I am now back home and ready to become Mistress Katrina again......was I ever anyone else while away though?

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