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Let me down and YOU miss out

by Mistress Katrina - 15:53 on 12 November 2018

I have said it often before and will no doubt say it many times again. If you make a booking and then let me down by not turning up then I will NEVER book you again. This has been spelt out many times. And yet this week, I had not just one, but two people trying to make bookings who had let me down before without ever calling me with any explanation. Seems like they now realised that they have to travel a good distance from my area of Devon in order to experience my sort of Bondage and were trying to beg for another chance. Sadly for them, I am too busy and am not prepared to wasre any time on any timewasters, so please bear that in mind, any person out there thinking of making a booking with me. ONLY book if you are serious!!

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